3 pairs produced = 1 recycled tire


oth. is a sustainable and responsible unisex sneaker brand: the sole is unique because it is made from recycled tires that have already travelled the globe. Each sole is cut directly from the used tire; this first life on asphalt therefore makes each sneaker unique.


1 tire will be recycled each time oth. produces 3 pairs of sneakers.

Made in Europe


oth. has carefully selected a workshop in Portugal, in the Guimarães region, to work closely together for production. In the end, a strong trust combined with high manufacturing quality standards, thanks also to leather and materials from Italy.


This choice to produce exclusively in Europe allows the brand to offer a sneaker with a lower carbon footprint.


A leather carefully selected


oth. has selected a tannery in Italy that masters the entire leather process, ensuring that the materials used comply with REACH regulations. This mandatory regulation in Europe concerns the prohibition of chemicals in the tanning process, or the recycling of dye baths, which is a priority for the brand.


The use of quality leather for oth. sneakers also increases performance and comfort. Well-kept leather will last a long time and therefore increase the product's life, and comfort is very much appreciated once the leather has relaxed and adapted to the shape of the feet.

Environmentally friendly materials, no vegan yet


oth. has for the moment made the choice not to propose a vegan alternative. This strong choice, despite the numerous requests from consumers and distributors, comes from the brand's desire to offer environmentally friendly materials for its sneakers. This choice stems from the fact that the vast majority (if not all) of vegan alternatives to traditional leather are made of polyurethane, in other words plastic. In addition, there is a manufacturing process for this type of material using toxic agents.


oth. has therefore, in its sustainability approach, chosen not to offer plastic-based sneakers. The brand is actively working to offer a sneaker using a material that meets the animal cause, while remaining respectful of the environment.



Sustainable logistics


To go even further in reducing the environmental impact of sneakers, oth. is working with a new, more sustainable and eco-responsible delivery method. Delivery uses the free space left by private or public transport vehicles, road or rail, allowing to reduce carbon emissions by 95%.


You won't know it, but your next pair of sneakers may travel on the same train as you.