Much more, more unique.

Following a close collaboration between recycling and sole manufactures, and a lot of will power, we achieve to offer this unique sole. After months of development and testing, we finalized a perfect mix of sole in natural rubber and recycled tyre; as a result, you get a unique sole, with a unique pattern. 


Regarding the sneaker itself, we decided to offer a product crafted from smooth leather and material from Italy. Sneakers are handmade in a factory in Portugal working for the best brands on the market; quality of manufacturing, finishing, etc. are all perfectly crafted. 




All our patterns are designed in Paris and can be worn either with casual or more classy outfit; in other words, sneakers that can be worn in different situations, easy to put on. 

Much better, in Europe.

Because of the quality and craftmanship available on this old continent, OTH has selected with care European manufactures to work with to produce our products. The end result, confidence in the quality of our products based on the close collaboration, trust, and high quality standards of our manufacturers and a lower carbon footprint.