Living in the fast lane.


Running. Everywhere. All the time.


No stopping. No thinking. No wondering why.


Then one day, this irrepressible longing.


Stop. Breathe. Take our time. Allow our spirit to unwind.


Leave the city for a while, for a life of adventure and friendship.


If not finding life’s meaning, then putting some meaning back into our lives.


Off The Hook is a sneaker brand born to fulfil our aspiration to escape from daily life, to let go, to go where others don’t, while taking care of the world around us.


We manufacture in Europe for higher quality and a lower carbon footprint.


OTH sneakers are like our generation : elegant, robust, and planet-friendly.


Our everlasting soles are made from recycled tires that have already covered the globe.


This first life on asphalt makes each Off The Hook sneaker unique.


Just like you.

Off The Hook is having a free hand.


Off The Hook is having a break and taking a deep breath.


Off The Hook is walking at your own pace and cultivating your singularity.


Off The Hook is going beyond, in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.


Off The Hook is consenting to getting lost sometimes, to eventually find yourself.

Making our own way, road tripping with people we love, all the while preserving the path for those who will use it after us : here is the philosophy and function of Off The Hook sneakers.


So let’s hit the road together and get off the beaten tracks.